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For anyone who has ever loved a horse, “A Horse in Your Inbox” is for you. If you are standing in line, stuck in traffic, or waiting at the dentist’s office, what better way to spend your time than to enjoy a true story about your favorite animal? Read it on your phone or print it out at home for a bedtime story.

Whether you show in Grand Prix, trail ride, slide to a stop, gallop cross country, ride 100 miles in a day or any of the other myriad things we do with our horses, you’ll love these true stories. Including international stars, backyard buddies and everything in between; all breeds, and all disciplines are represented.

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Sgt. Reckless

Neville Bardos

About the Author

Ann Jamieson, founder of A Horse In Your Inbox", is the author of the popular series "For the Love of the Horse". Collections of true stories, the books were inspired by the "All Creatures Great and Small" series

A Horse In Your Inbox includes stories about horses from around the globe, and Ann has ridden, and written stories about, horses in Iceland, Turkey, Tuscany, Sicily, Mallorca, and Alaska, with upcoming plans for Belize and England. In addition, Ann is a licensed United States Equestrian Federation horse show judge and has shown her own horse, Fred Astaire (an ex-racehorse whose granddaddy is the legendary Secretariat), to many year-end awards.

Ann lives in Kent, Connecticut, and shares her home with two very entertaining Ocicats, Oliver and Chester.  She also keeps and breeds tropical fish.  One of the fish she bred won Best of Show (yes, they do show fish!) at her very first tropical fish show.

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