Prince Philip Not Just Queen Elizabeth’s Husband


Although Prince Philip is mainly known as the love of Queen Elizabeth’s life, he also played a very important part in international equestrian sport. His love for
horses equaled Elizabeth’s; they were both passionate about horses, and horse sports, and were involved their entire lives.

Prince Philip served as head of the FEI (the international governing board of equestrian sports). In fact, he was born in the year (1921) that the FEI was founded!

During his tenure, Philip expanded the role of the FEI, changing the face of international equestrian sport and introducing the sport of driving as a discipline to the

Serving as President from 1964 to 1986, Philip enjoyed the longest tenure of any leader, and probably the most significant one. He was no figurehead President. He
competed in the sport at the highest levels, winning World Championship in Driving in 1980 for Great Britain.

Philip was one of the forces behind the Nations Cup series, and the Jumping World Cup which launched in the 1970’s.

Had Philip not passed away in April, he would be 100 this month. Throughout those 90 plus years, horses were a major part of his life.

Philip was active in sports throughout his life, participating in hockey, cricket, rowing, and sailing before playing polo for 20 years. Born in Greece, he served in
the Navy during World War II, reaching the rank of Commander. He married then Princess Elizabeth at 26.

While his competitive driving started out poorly (“I came in not last, but nearly”) he soon got the hang of it, and over time, he helped Great Britain win bronze
medals in the 1978, 1982 and 1984 World Championships, in addition to his win in 1980.

Philip had a gift for connecting with people, a gift that was of tremendous value throughout his tenure as President of the FEI. He was credited with “incredible
wisdom and foresight,” which contributed greatly to the strong position the FEI and equestrian sport hold today.

Thank you, Prince Philip, for your enduring legacy to our beloved equestrian sports!