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Photo: Magic, when Danyell just met him, in the stall he was trapped in for years. It was one of the worst cases the SPCA had ever seen. Fifty volunteers ...
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Norm and Vinnie

John Blair was not impressed. The videotape was of two draft horses pulling a wagon. They were big, grey, clunky looking horses, half Percheron, with manes down to their shoulders ...
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Many of us dreamed, as children, of owning our own ponies and spending our days with them in complete freedom: exploring woods and fields, swimming with our mounts, and playing ...
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They were the most successful team ever in the history of barrel racing. Charmayne James and Scamper ruled barrel racing for ten years, winning an astonishing ten consecutive National Finals ...
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The Story of S’mores by Gillian Bowery (All photo credits go to Gillian Bowery)

Photo: S’mores in the kill pen We went to an auction in Kitchener, Ontario with a friend from a rescue. We know we don’t have space for anyone but we ...
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The Space Force has… horses?

The newest branch of the armed services, the Space Force, has horses! Why would the Space Force need horses? Well, not to send into space for sure! Turns out, the ...
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No Limits for this Danish Rider

No one goes through life without challenges. It’s how we handle those challenges that makes the difference. Stinna Kastrup simply never saw her so-called physical limitations as anything she needed ...
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There was no question that Homer had been Annie’s favorite horse. The bright chestnut gelding had left a racing career on the Quarter Horse circuit before changing careers to become ...
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White fluffy clouds puffed lazily by in a cerulean blue sky. Green timothy and alfalfa grew side by side, stirring just a little in the light breeze. Horses grazed in ...
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Experiencing Reiner Klimke

When Reiner Klimke died unexpectedly from a heart attack in 1999, German coach Klaus Balkenhof said “His passion and eagerness for equestrian sport was indescribable. He was an example, a ...
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