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Simba Run

(Photo: Simba and Laura Kraut) Although his Jockey Club name was Great Star, he earned a paltry $800 for his eight starts on the track. In fact, as a three ...
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Brianna Noble Rides For a Cause

It’s not something you see everyday. A black woman riding a horse in a protest. Or any black woman on a horse. But Brianna Noble has been riding for years ...
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Got Milk (Rock Star)

He thinks he’s a rock star. And why not? He’s got the looks. A velvety black coat accented with sparkling white socks and an attitude that says, “Hey, you! Pay ...
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The Real Pegasus

Almost no horse lives to be 41. Particularly Thoroughbred racehorses, many of whom die while just two or three years old, in breakdowns at racetracks. But Pegasus defied the odds ...
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Garry Owen

An El Paso Times article calls Garry Owen “El Paso’s most famous horse — a real champion of champions.” Named after a famous horse of Civil War Days, Garry Owen ...
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Endo the Blind

Trust and love. That’s what it takes for a blind horse to compete, trail ride, perform at expos, and even jump. And that’s what Endo does for and with his ...
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First Love

Paul Simon Calobrisi fell hopelessly in love the minute he met Madeleine. His family had just moved to Muttontown, on Long Island, N.Y and she was the girl next door, ...
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Photo by emaspounder, license CC B4 5A 2.0


“It was my favorite show,” recalled Rodney Jenkins, one of the best, if not the best, rider this country has ever seen. “I loved it; I loved showing there.” The ...
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Not Something You See Everyday By Robert Goodman

Purim is the Jewish holiday described in the biblical Book of Esther. The story celebrates the Jewish victory over their Babylonian enemies, especially the death of the wicked Haman, royal ...
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An Unlikely Find Leads to a Tevis Win

Sanoma Blakeley competed in her first endurance ride as a mere six year old, and tackled the infamous 100-mile Tevis Cup (officially the Western States Trail Ride) for the first ...
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