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Sundays with Grandpa

Cecilia Fernandes has always been obsessed with horses. Although her family lived in a city she was sure that her father was going to buy her a horse, and convert ...
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The Wizard Part II

Annie wasn’t at Devon to watch her new horse be awarded the championship ribbon in the regular conformation hunter division (with four points over Rox Dene, who was reserve). She ...
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Zero Hour

September 3rd, 1991 was the Best Day of Alexa Smith’s life. It was the day that Zero Hour became hers. Riding him through a field, Alexa thought joyfully, “You’re mine!” ...
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The Wizard Casts His Spell (Part One) (1994)

Former grooms stop by to feed him his favorite butterscotch candies. Ex-owners root for him, riders and trainers cheer for him even when he’s competing against their own horses. Friends ...
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Scott and Shadow

When Scott Monroe turned 40, he knew nothing about horses. His wife was apleasure rider; Scott was more interested in horsepower than horses. But a neighbor, Charlie Kellogg kept asking ...
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Rich Strike wins the Kentucky Derby

It was the second biggest upset in Kentucky Derby history, won at 80-1 odds. Only Donerail had higher odds, at 93-1, dating all the way back to 1913. The winner ...
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Sport About (Reggie)

“I called him Peter Pan. It was just his personality. There was something about him that was magical.” Laura Adderley first saw the bright chestnut, Sport About, as a pre-green ...
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King Jody

He has a knack for showing up in people’s, and horse’s lives when they need him. His loyalty, patience and kindness make him the kind of horse that no one ...
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Fire Horse

In the 19th century, and early into the 20th, horses moved America. They farmed our fields, transported people and goods, delivered mail and milk, and pulled the machinery that put ...
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Love Letter to a Horse

Dear Odie, Thank you. Thank you for sharing your life with me for 27 years. Whenever I was around you, life seemed easy. Obstacles became small, hurts were forgotten. You ...
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