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Garth (aka Harrison)

His vocals would never sell millions of CDs, but his eyes and his big bottom lip would melt anyone’s heart. A pack mule for Phantom Ranch, working the Grand Canyon, ...
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Our first horse always holds a special place in our hearts. For Elaine Lang, that horse was Tristan. Tristan was a Christmas present from her husband, a 15 hand seal ...
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He is a Tennessee Walking Horse, sired by World Grand Champion Pride’s Final Edition. He’s big, black and beautiful. But he was also bad. At only six years old, Mac ...
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Bringing Thoroughbreds Back

In the 1960’s through the 1980’s, the horse of choice for hunter/jumper riders was the Thoroughbred. In 1983, Sweet ‘N Low, set the record, 7’7 1/2″ for the indoor Puissance ...
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The Pink Pony

With four young daughters who all wanted to ride, Marianne Savino decided the family needed a pony. New to the horse scene, they went to a large and respected sales ...
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A young doctor was doing his orthopedic residency on a Navajo reservation, Kayenta, in Northern Arizona. He had grown up in the crowded suburbs of the East and relished being ...
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The snow was deep, up to their knees. Maybe not deep if you lived in Wisconsin, but for Long Island it had been quite a snowfall. In some places the ...
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The Phoenix

It was undisputably the worst day of Vikki Siegel’s life. Her indoor arena and barn burned down, taking three people and 16 horses with it. At 5 a.m., Vikki had ...
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He was old, skinny and lame, decrepit as a matter of fact But the chestnut Quarter Horse came right over to Michelle as she stood at the fence That was ...
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An Irish Adventure

Two sisters, Jennifer and Christa, were coming up on landmark birthdays: 30 and 35 respectively. There was no question about it, something special was needed to mark the occasion. A ...
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